Euclid University

Euclid University

Euclid University is a unique institution because it not only teaching treaty law, it practices it in more ways than one: by teaching diplomats how to negotiate and finalize treaties, and having itself been established a treaty now registered with the United Nations. Euclid University has announced (2015) to OSTL that it would publish a treaty handbook in 2015 and offer a copy to each Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York.

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Can an agreement between an IGO and a national public university have status under international law?

It is EUCLID which gave the impetus to a group of students and faculty to start the Organization for the Study of Treaty Law, to be also used as a platform to publish academic papers dealing with treaty law and the law of treaties.

Euclid University is also interested in the legal status of the┬áVienna Convention on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations or between International Organizations of 1986 which has not yet entered into force. In particular, EUCLID has signed legally binding instruments (“treaties”) with CAFRAD, ICCI and ECOWAS which may be governed by the 1986 Vienna Convention. EUCLID’s headquarters agreements would also be governed by the 1986 Convention should The Gambia and the Central African Republic become Parties.

Finally, EUCLID is a signatory to the World Nature Organization treaty which will be another test case of IGO involvement in the creation of other IGOs.

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Is there a treaty in this folder? What would be the criteria and under the terms of what convention?