About the OSTL

The OSTL is the Organization for the Study of Treaty Law. It was established by EUCLID faculty and students (many of whom are active and high-level diplomats), to further the study of both “the law of treaties” (how treaties are made) and “treaty law” (what subject matter treaties deal with such as tax and extradition).

Its stated purpose is to further knowledge of treaty law not only for EUCLID, its faculty members, students and Participating States officials, but also for the public at large. In order to do so, it publishes Internet pages, blog articles, treaty-related news, original texts, textbooks, reviews and other material that will help achieve this goal.

Its flagship publication is “Binding and Non-Binding Instruments in Intergovernmental Relations – A diplomat’s guidebook to understand the concepts of treaty and memorandum of understanding in theory and practice” published by EUCLID University Press in 2015.

The OSTL is also a membership organization open to the general public as well as to institutions.

It is hosted by the EUCLID offices in New York, Washington and Banjul.