What on earth is Treaty Law?

Welcome official site of the Organization for the Study of Treaty Law (OSTL), a group of scholars and students dedicated to promoting the understanding of international law, treaty law, and the law of treaties globally.

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“Treaty law” is related to international law, but it is not quite the same thing. In fact “treaty law” is not quite the same as “the law of treaties” and this shows the need to better educate global citizens, because treaties are often in the news and can cause much controversy. To be specific, treaty law is about how international agreement are made. By contrast, the law of treaties is concerned about what treaties are trying to regulate, such as human rights, climate change, etc.

Some people may think that only specialists (politicians, lawyers, diplomats) should have any interest in treaties, but such is not the case. In the United States, treaties are considered to be the supreme law of the law on the same level as the Constitution! Many treaties are hotly debated, to the point that some have been signed by the President but never ratified by the Senate…

So in this web site, we will discuss how these treaties (good or bad, controversial or not) come into existence and can have a tremendous effect in our private lives.

Treaty Law Blog